Maximize Your ROI by Adding Video Options to Your Fitness Space — It’s Easier Than You Think

Written by Advanced Exercise on June 12, 2018. Posted in Campus Fitness, Commercial Exercise Facilities, Corporate Wellness, Exercise Equipment, facilities managers, fitness center management, Fitness Equipment, fitness equipment trends, Fitness trends                   

  One of the biggest challenges for fitness facilities is the need for continual innovation. Those who frequent fitness facilities often come (and come back) for the workout experience which is made up of two critical elements: the quality of the environment (meaning the space and the equipment available), and what you can do within that environment (meaning the exercises and programming that maximizes the use of the space and equipment).

  Fitness centers are fueling amenity wars across the country in multi-tenant offices and housing communities, on corporate or school campuses and in public and private recreation environments as millions of dollars are spent to create modern, comfortable, accessible fitness spaces that attract visitors again and again. The investment in equipment, flooring, design and usage creates a substantial asset for any community where fitness and wellness are valued, but that’s only part of the equation.

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